Project 365 – #99: Too Much to Hear

So among our coursework at the Schloss we also take part in three photo competitions.  The theme of this photo was “Listen!” and the idea that instantly popped into my head is illustrated here.  We also had to write a little bit about our pictures so below is the full explanation.  Oh and when I took this picture on Wednesday I didn’t know that it would win second place out of 68 entries so that was exciting.  Enjoy and if anyone has any feedback I would love to hear it. Thanks!


Title:  “Too Much to Hear”


Caption: A model covers his ears and lays his head flat on a table in front of a white screen and several microphones.


Factual Connection:

Each Day:

294 billion e mails are sent

2 million blog posts are written

4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook

864,000 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube

More iPhones are sold than babies born!




When I thought about the word ‘Listen!’ I asked immediately thought to myself, “to what?”  So the basis of this photo is that there is simply too much to see and hear in our modern media-driven world and the shear volume of what the news presents to us can be overbearing.  I set this photo in front of the white screen and microphones in Parker Hall to represent that the man in the photo is being spoken and is trying to block out the weight of what he hears.  The picture is in black and white to add a serious, dark mood to the overall composition.  I then looked up some facts about what one day in the internet holds to represent the pure mass of information being transported and relayed every day.  The facts supported my idea that today the sharing of news is so voluminous that it’s impossible to choose one thing to listen to.

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